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What Is Organic?

Certified Organic
products are grown 
and processed without 
the use of synthetic 
chemicals, fertilisers
or GMOs.

Organics are not just 
chemical free by 
testing. It is about the
way your food is grown 
and handled. 

The whole system is 
linked Soil, Plants, 
Animals, Food, People 
and the Environment.

Why Choose 

Good for the soil
Good for the animals 
Good for environment 
Good for people 
Organic tastes good 
No synthetic chemicals 
... No GMO's 
No BSE (mad cow 

Why Choose
Certified Organic?

The only way  that
customers can be 
assured that they are 
purchasing REAL 
ORGANIC products, 
produced without the use 
of synthetic chemicals 
and GMOs is to 
purchase products which 
have been 

The above information 
kindly supplied by 
Australian Certified 
Organic. The ACO is
the certification arm 
of the Biological 
Farmers of Australia 

Safe non toxic range of organic skin care, organic cosmetics online


Users of Certified
Organic Skin Care 
and Organic 
Cosmetics have 
their say...
(Reprinted With

My skin irritations have 
calmed right down and 
my skin looks and feels 
properly hydrated and
smooth. This is a relief
considering all the 
difficulties I've had with 
my skin and finding 
suitable products.
Caroline T. Kew, VIC

My skin has always
been extremely dry
and blemished with
broken capillaries.
I have only been using
your products for 3
months, however, even
by 4 weeks of using 
them my skin was moist, 
smooth and unbelievably 
clear. My complexion 
has never been better...
Hayley Mc,
Glen Waverly, VIC
... I live in the city so I

am surrounded by
pollution and it was
satisfying to know at the 
end of the day I can be 
using something that 
heals the damage I have 
done throughout the day.
Jessica H,  North
Sydney, NSW
I have used the

Miessence skin care 
range and it is fantastic.
This is the best quality I
have experienced for
the last 15 years. My skin
has never felt so good!
Carolyn M. Nth Tamborine
My hair looks, feels and 

smells great (like it used
to when we were kids!)
and the products are so
pure and natural.
Marita V, Nulli, NSW

My teeth look and feel 
really clean after the
Hayley M, Selby,VIC

I purchased your
mouthwash, which I
liked, and it appeared to
help my bleeding gum
problem, it was also
Laurel L, Keysborough
..we all love the

Sunshower body wash
and the deodorant doesn't
irritate the skin at all.
Michelle M, Box Hill
My beautiful five month

old niece has suffered
from eczema since birth;
my sister-in-law has had
her back and forth to
doctors and chemists. I
am very proud to say that
after using Sunshower
BodyWash her eczema
is completely gone...
and no sign of return.
Tracey D. Caloundra QLD
Thank you for making the

best cosmetics in the
world! They are simply
stunning - an absolute
joy to use.
Wendy B, Mt Eliza, VIC

Rosemary Cawthorne
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Miessence Certified Organic Skin Care Products Meet Required  Standards For Organic Certification

This Means...Only Safe, Natural Ingredients are Absorbed 
by Your Skin. Therefore,  Allergic Reactions to Chemical or 
Sub Standard Ingredients Such as Stinging and Rashes are Removed.

Every  ingredient in every Miessence organic skin care product is listed on the labels  along with the logos of the international certifying bodies.

This is your guarantee that these certified organic skin care products contain only pure and natural certified organic ingredients. NO ingredients are left off the labels. Therefore, Miessence organic skin care products are classed as certified organic and comprise the first fully certified extensive range in the world.

For Your Protection and Peace of Mind

The Entire Miessence Range of 115 Skin, Bath and Body Products
Meet Either of the Following Organic Certification Requirements

Products labelled as "certified organic" or "organic."

Must contain (excluding water and salt) at least 95% organically produced agricultural ingredients. Any remaining ingredients can be non-agricultural substances or non-organically produced agricultural ingredients, with strict processing criteria (eg. no GMOs or synthetic chemicals).

Products labelled as "made with organic ingredients."

Must contain (excluding water and salt) at least 70% organically produced agricultural ingredients. Remaining ingredients can be non-agricultural substances or non-organically produced agricultural ingredients, with strict processing criteria (eg. no GMOs or synthetic chemicals).

Miessence skin care range is the only extensive one in the world to be certified organic by independent third party certifiers. Developed in Australia the product range is certified organic by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) to the highest international organic food standards.

The ACO, Australia’s largest Organic Certifying Body, is accredited to certify organic operations in Australia, Europe, Japan, USA, Switzerland and the UK. The ACO is a division of the Biological Farmers of Australia Co-op Ltd. They set and maintain stringest quality standards that are internationally recognised as either compliant with, or exceeding, all international requirements.

All labels on certified organic skin care products must also display the name and physical address of the business. Miessence complies.

What You Will Find On This Website

Following is some basic information regarding cosmetics and skin care products. This is included to help alleviate the widespread confusion regarding the term 'organic' and allow you to make an informed choice when purchasing skin, bath and body products.

Also included are links to read more about my special introductory packs of Miessence products. (For New Zealanders. Residents from other countries please check  HERE.) All ingredients are listed and products are available either by online or offline ordering. Currently, no charge for shipping within New Zealand.

Cosmetics And Skin Care Are The Least Regulated Products 
Under the US Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

Most countries follow a similar trend. Whether it is moisturizers, foundations or deodorants, skin care products are an essential part of our daily living. But, do we really know what our body and facial skin care products actually contain? What are we are forcing our skin to absorb?

For 3 decades radio, television and newspaper advertisements have brainwashed us into using more and more chemicals on our skin. Chemicals which can cause allergic reactions and/or contribute to long term illness.

Have you ever suffered from skin disorders such as:-

  • skin rashes
  • puffy eyes
  • itchy skin
  • dry skin
  • stinging eyes/skin
  • facial redness
Chances are your skin is absorbing toxins from your skin care products. Cosmetic ingredients most certainly are absorbed through your skin. 

Consider HRT and nicotine patches. These rely solely on skin absorption.

Years ago I could never understand why some folk had allergic reactions to lanolin.
Lanolin which is manufactured from wool grease, the wax coating on the natural wool of sheep, is often touted as natural and pure.It is used in many types of cosmetics.

What the customer isn't told is that the sheep have probably been dipped (submerged or sprayed) with chemical pesticides to rid them of lice. As a result your skin care product may be contaminated with carcinogenic pesticides such as DDT, dieldrin or lindane.

Unless the lanolin is purified traces of the pesticides remain and are easily absorbed by our skin. (How many labels have you found stating purified lanolin?) Your other option is to obtain skin care products using lanolin from registered organically farmed sheep.

How To Read and Understand 
Cosmetic Ingredients Listed on Labels

One universal legal requirement is...cosmetic ingredients on labels must be listed in descending order relating to the quantity in the product. This means a top listing indicates the greatest amount and a bottom listing indicates very little is included, eg if water or 'aqua' is listed near the beginning you can guarantee the product contains alot of water. 

Many ingredients may measure less than 1% therefore they do not have to be listed. It is interesting to note, however, that often healthy sounding ingredients like herbs and botanicals are included on the labels even when they measure less than 1% but no mention of chemicals under 1%. Be aware of such marketing ploys. I've personally tried 2 NZ made ranges containing under 1% synthetic chemicals. One doesn't advertise the fact, the other did. In both cases I awoke with puffiness around my eyes.

Chemicals are listed under their chemical name usually as that is exactly what they are - chemicals. Some manufacturers use trade names for chemical ingredients further adding to the confusion for the consumer trying to decipher exactly what is in their skin care product.

Unless products are certified organic there are no rules for the terms, 'natural, organic, non toxic or pure.' It is acceptable for individual manufacturers to use these terms how they wish. More confusion for consumers.

Cosmetic Ingredients:
Two Examples of Misleading Information

  • Deodorant advertised among organic, natural and biodynamic products. Ingredients listed included propylene glycol and methyl paraben - two known chemicals which cause adverse reactions in some users. How organic and natural is this deodorant?
  • Floral water, organic water, hydrosol, organic hydrosol (all the same thing) often listed near the top of cosmetic ingredient lists - sometimes advertised as 70%. You may also see extracts, infusions or many herbs and botanicals listed.
Although most hydrosols are obtained through distillation methods here is a very simplistic description of how the strength of  'organic water' can vary. Imagine a 1000 litre tank of water. Dangle a couple of sachets of 'organically grown'  (I would hope!) herbs/plants in the water for a while. Remove and use the liquid in your organic products. Then advertise your product as say, 70% organic hydrosol. Easy! No laws prevent this unless you use certified organic products such as Miessence organic skin care.
Further Misleading Information Regarding 
The Term '100% Certified Organic Skin Care'

Misleading information regarding use of the term 100% certified organic abounds. Skin care products are often advertised as having 100% certified organic ingredients. There may be only one certified organic ingredient but due to the way some products are promoted it is easy to think the entire product is certified organic when it is not. As an example - organic apple juice with no other ingredients may be classed as 100% certified organic apple juice.

Non organic essential oils are sometimes being included in so called organic products.

Hopefully this information helps you understand more fully why you need to become
very aware of exactly what you are putting on your skin.

A very useful organization with hundreds of relevant articles is the US based 
Organic Consumers Association.

Additional Benefits of Miessence 
Certified Organic Skin Care Products

  • Contamination prevented due to facial skin care creams, lotions and organic makeup having their own dispensers - applicators and fingers do not touch the contents.
  • Products have a recommended minimum shelf life of 18 months. As the ingredients are fresh, active and nourishing they should be used as your daily routine once opened.
  • Products actually feed your skin rather than clogging it. The improved appearance and feel of your skin is due to nourishment rather than chemical ingredients giving the impression it is moisturized.
  • Generous sized containers. 
  • Moisturizers suit both morning and night applications. This removes the need to purchase additional moisturizers such as more expensive night creams.
Miessence Special Introductory Packs
 Certified Organic Skin Care, Bath and Body Products
Now Available Right Here For New Zealanders

As a satisfied user and registered distributor of these products since August 2003 I am excited to show you a selection of the top 10 best sellers from this Australian made certified organic cosmetics and skincare range.

Five introductory packs of organic skin and body care products each include a 30 mls free certified organic Intensive Body Cream (3 sachets) for first time customers. Also free shipping within New Zealand. Single items may also be ordered with free shipping. Go to...

Certified Organic Products List

Know which products you want?
Save time and go direct to order page.

STOP PRESS: Worldwide ordering now available as from February 2005.Email me to find how to access these certified organic skin care products at a discounted price. New Zealand visitors have the option of ordering from this site and receive free 30mls Intensive Body Cream plus free shipping on Introductory Packs, or direct from Australia. Email for more information

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